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Red Bull Esports announce a custom Dota 2 tournament

Red Bull Esports are back with another very special event coming to the Dota 2 scene.

The newest tournament will bear the name Guardians and really shifts how everyone perceives a game of Dota 2. In fact, it won’t be a regular game of 5 versus 5, as it’s made clear on the official Red Bull website. Instead, the rules are changed to include an extra pick/ban phase and the addition of three more heroes. The bonus heroes will serve as substitutes, much like football or basketball, players will be able to switch between their current hero and one of the extras. Doing so will keep the gold and experience earned so far, but this mechanic will be limited by putting it on a three-minute cooldown.

Having three extra heroes that you can swap to throughout the match will really put an emphasis on strategy. The possibilities are endless – from picking a lane dominator which will accumulate an early advantage and gold, then switch to a late-game hero who’ll already have an advantage. Melee or ranged, single or area of effect crowd control depending on the situation, lanes will hardly be one-sided or decided in the initial draft. No matter who takes the lead, the event promises unseen before strategies coming to life.

Guardians will be held in the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, UK’s largest public eSports studio, on October 19-20. A live broadcast will also be available on Twitch. When it comes to teams, a total of four will take part in the event, with two already confirmed. The first one being paiN Gaming, the Brazilian roster which took third place at this year’s ESL One Birmingham. Dota Asia Championship 2018 champions Mineski are the second direct invite and the other two are yet to be revealed by Red Bull.