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Rastakhan's Rumble will hold an Inn-vitational tourney

The tradition of the Inn-vitational, an all-star fun Hearthstone tournament at the release of a new expansion, continues.

A brand-new iteration of the friendly competition is set for December 5 – a mere day after the official release of the latest card set. This follows the exact same schedule as the previous two editions – The Witchwood and The Boomsday Project Inn-vitationals. However, Blizzard have included a new set of rules to shake things up and add some spice to the format.

While the first Inn-vitational was a Europe vs US team effort and the second one had a four-group scheme, this one has a set number of matches between some of the game’s biggest stars. These include prominent streamers and accomplished tournament pro players, who are well recognized by fans and some of the most skilled Hearthstone masters in the world.

The groups look like this:

Alliestrasza vs. DDaHyoNi

Allie is a successful competitor for Fate2Karma, one of Hearthstone’s best teams, and is a returning player to the Inn-vitational format. She has a unique take on the game, combining fun and enthusiastic mindset with serious skill and decision-making.

SamuelTsao vs. Sintolol

SamuelTsao is an HCT veteran, while Sintolol is an extremely skilled mechanical player famed for both his brilliant plays and notorious bad luck at the hands of Shudderwock, losing many games due to sheer bad luck. He has every reason to be excited about the brand-new cards and show them off in action.

AKAWonder vs. Bloodtrail

Once, both these players were on the rise, but recently they were overshadowed by young prodigies on the competitive scene. What better way to come back to the limelight than a light-hearted friendly competition? This is going to be fun.

Rhdgurwns vs. Dog

Dog is an absolute legend in the Americas, a very friendly player and a tournament veteran. He is sure to bring interesting strategies to the table, which is probably the reason he was invited once again to the format.

The games are going to be cast by superstar commentators Cora “Songbird” Georgiou, Nathan “ThatsAdmirable” Zamora, and Dan “Frodan” Chou and broadcasted over the official PlayHearthstone Twitch channel. These are known for their light-hearted banter and sometimes cruel jokes at both the players and each other’s expense, so fans are in for a treat. While we love to watch serious Hearthstone, fun-oriented experiences such as the Inn-vitational are of equal importance to ease the pressure on players and minds of fans. Let’s hope the first battle of the Loas will be a memorable one!