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PUBG Europe League may not be coming until March (Updated)

The PUBG Europe League has been delayed until March, sources have reported. Financial trouble is cited as the main reason.

Updated 14.02: PUBG Corp. clarified the following: 

PUBG Corporation and StarLadder are committed to bringing the best esports show possible with the PUBG Europe League. We are eager to reveal more, and we'll be able to do that before the end of this month.

The PUBG Europe League (PEL) may be bogged down in financial trouble, Esports Insider sources have reported. According to the media outlet, PEL is facing venue issues as well as difficulties on the financial end of operations.

According to the sources, StarLadder hasn’t obtained the stipends that PUBG Corp. has promised to organizer and esports teams in order to fund and nurture up-and-coming grassroots organizations, offering them a chance to compete at a distinct PUBG competition.

Video credit: G Records 

Originally, PEL should have started in January, but that date was then moved to mid-February, although no official confirmation has ever come. StarLadder has also kept relatively quiet about PUBG recently.

Has PUBG Corp. miscalculated how much money they can allocate to developing a massive competitive structure? When the NA season kicked off, the Esports Observer reported rather poor viewership for the events, and PUBG has since fallen out of the weekly most-watched content on Twitch.

A Fate Like H1Z1

The actions of PUBG Corp. don’t seem to be dictated by corporate greed, which is why they deserve admiration. Yet, the company might have jumped the gun on releasing their esports plans amid dwindling viewership and now facing a serious contender from Respawn Entertainment and the latest addition to the Battle Royale genre, Apex Legends.

PUBG’s developers have had a few bones to pick with Fortnite developer Epic Games in the past, but they have changed tune both towards Fortnite and even commending the entry of Apex Legends:

However, one question remains – is PUBG ever going to see a fate similar to that of the now-defunct H1Z1 league? It’s unlikely given PUBG Corp.’s financial clout. At the same time, there are some small indicators to make the errant observer wary.

Thumbnail image credit: PUBG Corp., StarLadder