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Pinnacle expands esports offer with GameScorekeeper

Pinnacle has teamed up with GameScorekeeper to expand its current esports offer by adding a dedicated live score API. Pinnacle is the foremost authority on esports betting among mainstream gambling agencies.

Pinnacle is known as one of the few companies to have expanded into esports betting back in the early 2010s and gradually developing into a lucrative segment. In 2017, The Lines reported that around 5% of all bookmakers were turning a profit out of their esports betting operations. Pinnacle was one of those companies.

Since it released its sports betting operations, Pinnacle has been expanding rapidly, offering new markets and fairly low-priced odds, allowing players of all budgets to get a firm foothold on their platform.

The latest addition of GameScorekeeper has been first reported by the eGaming Review (EGR), a respected iGaming and betting industry leader, media and intelligence company. The API solution will help Pinnacle provide reliable data about esports outcomes, consolidating the betting agency’s clout in the segment.

Pinnacle Trading Director Marco Blume had the following to say:

“Since we took our first esports bet in 2010, the esports betting industry has undergone a dramatic transformation. Esports has found its way into the top five most popular sports at Pinnacle but we don’t intend to stop there.”

According to Blume, data has been key to maintaining the company’s low margin and high-limit approach as well as introducing new customer experiences. The deal, Blume estimates, will enhance the overall capabilities of Pinnacle to offer top-notch esports betting solutions.

Thumbnail image credit: GameScorekeeper, Pinnacle