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Phong Vu Buffalo wins a dominant game against G2

In the second game of the day, Phong Vũ Buffalo found an impressive win against G2 Esports, punishing early misplays before putting out an impressive macro game to shut the European team down.

G2 flexed Aatrox before putting him mid, opting for a mostly 1-3-1 composition against PVB’s teamfight-oriented selection. The Vietnamese team were off to a very good start as they found the first kill with Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski facechecking a Vel’koz ult, and almost immediately doubled up on it, ganking bot and finding a kill on Kim “Wadid” Bae-in to give Đặng “BigKoro” Ngọc Tài’s Kai’sa a lead. G2’s bot lane continued being targeted and set behind, and 15 minutes in, PVB were over 3k gold ahead and had taken all outer turrets.

Video courtesy of Riot Games

The VCL team dominated vision in their opponents’ jungle, and it paid off in several skirmishes, eventually giving them a pick on Jankos 22 minutes in that allowed them to take the first baron. With it, they took the mid inhibitor, and a big fight G2 forced shortly afterwards turned against them despite a key early kill costing them a second inhibitor as well. Eventually, PVB found a second baron 31 minutes in, and with it, they pushed for the win, winning the decisive teamfight two minutes later.

Phong Vu put out a great macro game, using their early advantage to full effect as they controlled the vision and punished any wrong moves, staying together to deny any G2 surprises. The European team might have underestimated their opponent, but what is more worrying is that Jankos had a poor game, giving up key kills and pressure with a comp that had a hard time taking on a five-man deathball from behind.