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Philippines LoL Client had Bitcoin mining script

A reddit post on July 10 notified the other users that the League of Legends Philippines client included bitcoin mining processes. This announcement caused a lot of consternation, as the large player base can cause a significant windfall at the expense of the players.

On July 11, League of Legends Philippines made an announcement giving their view of the situation: they claimed that on July 9 there had been an unauthorized modification of the League of Legends Philippines client lobby, where a JavaScript code had been inserted. The code would perform blockchain mining on the affected computers, thus consuming additional resources. However, the security engineers determined that there was no impact or danger, and by July 11 the code was removed and the team gave assurances that all users will no longer encounter the issue. There was no further information on how the unauthorized modification was made and whether it was by an internal source or due to an outside attack.

League of Legends is distributed by Garena in the Southeast Asian region, and the Garena teams have significant freedom to make modifications in the lobby, including by changing prices of champions and skins. There have so far been no indications that this situation would lead to significant differences, but Riot Games have so far prided themselves on information security and this would likely be seen as a significant breach.