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Philippine senator hoping to ban Dota 2 and Clash of clans

Beth Lopez, a candidate for the Philippine senate, promises to ban popular games like Dota 2 and Clash of clans.

Lopez made a run for senator in 2016 but failed to make it. Now, she returns for the 2019 election and even looks up to becoming the next president. She filed her candidacy on the last possible day and wasn’t allowed to do that earlier due to missing all required documentation. The aspiring senator vowed to replace the likes of Dota 2 and Clash of clans with “Social Studies” games. What she meant by that remains unclear, but it seems like an interesting approach.

Lopez is a former publisher and educator so it’s surprising to see her trying to make the run by focusing on video games. Whether she’d win the favor of concerned parents by eliminating some of the games remains to be seen since trying to address the country’s increasing crime rate for instance would be a Herculean task spanning multiple mandates and possibly, generations. The development of eSports has arguably more pros than cons considering how different tournaments which attract sponsors and investors. Players also have a chance to make a career in one of the booming industries at a fairly young age. Esports players need to have dedication, focus and a proper schedule, virtues that require a lot of nurturing to turn casual players into pros. One is left wondering if the youths are truly to blame or if it’s just a bad case of education and parenting going wrong.

At the beginning of last month, three young Dota 2 players were trying to get to a certain tournament. Photographer Ezra Acayan shared their tragic story.

Bringing video games into politics rarely reaps good results. Hopefully, the Philippine government isn’t walking down the path of China by trying to limit the influence of the west. We’ll most likely see the results after the elections, when we can gauge how much the senators keep their promises.