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Philadelphia kick NYXL out of Brooklyn

The semifinals are over and the Fusion prevail. They defeated Overwatch League final boss NYXL and secured the finalist position in a match against London.

The games were extremely intense and the drama was fitting for a decisive match of that nature. Everyone assumed New York will be playing the finals, and for a good reason. The blue-and-black squad was easily the most consistent in the League, securing the titles for Stages two and three and second place in Staged one and four. They were also leading the rankings by a comfortable margin and serious map differential.

However, all of a sudden, things stopped to look so bright for the Excelsior. Their first match in the Playoffs put them against Philadelphia, who swiped the series 3-0. The Fusion adapted to the tactics of Saebyeolbe and company and completely shut them down with no room to breathe. With the approach of these final matches, all fans were on edge. Things were getting critical.

Philadelphia Fusion 3-2 New York Excelsior

The battle started on Junkertown and Philly got to work. Their heavy preparation for the match immediately showed up. They relied on counterattacks and risky plays that eventually paid off. The battle ended in a 3-2 and it was off to Lijiang.

NYXL took a slight edge here, but the battle was fierce. The East coasters prevailed with a 1-2 thanks to the massive damage output of Libero, who stepped in for Pine.

King’s Row was Fusion territory every step of the way. The yellow camp scored a flawless 3-0 outplaying the Excelsior on multiple occasions. Carpe focused on New York’s tanks and Ark was next. Once the defense was down, it was just a matter of pushing forward for Philly.

Hanamura was the proving ground for both teams. If Philly prevails, they punch their ticket for the finals. If they don’t there’s more fighting ahead. The NYXL did not have room for a single mistake and they performed. 1-2 was just the result they need to push the game to the nerve-wracking final map, and potentially, another match. Philadephia took the lead and almost secured the final tick when the Excelsior started rushing at them one by one, contesting the zone with formidable skill. Doomfist, Brigitte, Orisa – they made just the right picks and did what they must do. An important success.

However, Dorado was where it all ended. A dramatic battle at the very end of the map was the difference between who goes to New York City and who goes home. Philly threw everything they have and pushed the aggression. The blue payload was stopped dead before its third point and Carpe and company knew exactly what comes next – the best defense is offence. The Fusion stuck as one and brazenly advanced down the road, returning the payload from where it came and popping every NYXL player who showed their face. Soon it was all over, the yellow lights flashed and the confetti rain announced the end. Philadelphia did the unthinkable and knocked out the only team whose Finalist spot was taken for granted for months on end. A true feat of strength and a testament to this team’s amazing skill and dedication.

During the press conference after the showdown star player, EQO shot down a journalist who suggested Philly had an advantage due to them playing first.

“We don’t know anything about New York. The only reason we won today is because we played better, and not because we played before. I want everyone to understand that.”

Well, that about sums it up. Philly outplayed a mighty Korean team and now advance to the Grand Finals in Brooklyn to face another. The epic conclusion of the Overwatch League is next weekend. Stay tuned for our coverage!