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Overwatch Patch is live

The new Overwatch patch is officially live and with it comes the new assault map – Paris. With its nice coffee shops, lush and pretty atmosphere, the city of love is a nice addition to the game with its new environment.

Players can play the Arcade mode for some loot boxes, where a new mode is also currently active – the 6v6 version of the map. This way, the map can be experienced exclusively, without having to wait for it to randomly appear in the normal setting of the game. Paris is an assault map, featuring two control zones for the offense team to capture.

The second point of the map is very reminiscent to Horizon Lunar Colony – it’s incredibly close to the spawn of the defenders. The point itself is a wide open space with little to no cover for the offensive team. Overall, the map should be very hospitable for some sniping action – a fitting place for the home of our favorite assassin Widowmaker.

The new priority order for type of health is also here. This is yet another attempt by Blizzard to try to mitigate the effect of the notorious Goats composition. And you can find in-depth information about the change here.

The Paris map would be unavailable for the competitive mode as of yet, as is customary for new maps, but it will be added to the roster at a later point. It is still unknown when the city of love will feature on the Overwatch League as well.

Thumbnail Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment