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NiP fall to Keen, Gambit triumphant on Bucharest Minor Day 1

The second Dota Pro Circuit Minor is already running full speed in its opening day.

For anyone who missed it, the groups were announced yesterday by PGL.

The first matches of the event were between the Chinese Keen Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Keen took the lead with Game 1, but NiP brought things to a standstill after the end of the second. The Chinese team was slowly building up a considerable lead in gold and experience which allowed them to put NiP under constant pressure. A teamfight later, the Ninjas lost two lanes of barracks and the game was very much sealed from there. Keen Gaming’s Death Prophet proved to be the catalyst as she was unkillable combined with Dazzle. NiP lost the series 1-2 and had to go into the loser’s match next.

A similar thing happened between the other series running parallelly – the Winter Madness winners Gambit Esports and North America’s TEAM TEAM. In the third game, we witnessed a rare sight: Anti-Mage positioned in the mid lane in order to counter the enemy Medusa and the Gorgon had to spent the entirety of the laning phase out of mana. As the game went into the later phases, Gambit had the clear lead with an unkillable Medusa on their side. Mega creeps would’ve been an option around the 30-minute mark were it not for the last standing Tier 2 tower of TEAM TEAM. The NA squad made a valiant last defense and managed to isolate the Medusa, but it simply wasn’t enough. Nikita “Daxak” Kuzmin ended up getting a triple rampage and securing a 2-1 victory for Gambit Esports.

Keen and Gambit met later and the latter dominated with a 2:0, securing their place in the Upper bracket. More games are to follow throughout the day, including the Winners, Losers and Decider matches. The top two teams will advance to the Upper bracket of the playoffs, while the bottom two will dive into the Lower bracket. The live broadcast on Twitch will continue for the rest of the day, and Group B is scheduled for tomorrow.

Image credit: PGL.