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NiP eliminate Playmakers in the Bucharest Minor playoffs

The final series to wrap up the first day of the playoffs of the Bucharest Minor was between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Playmakers.

Right after the epic showdown between TEAM TEAM and BOOM ID, where we saw one of the most bizzare endings to a match it was time to close the show with one final Bo3. Despite being regarded as a well-rounded team Ninjas in Pyjamas ended up in the Lower bracket after some rough times during the groups. Playmakers, on the other hand, is a brand-new squad created this November and Bucharest is their first major event. The Peruvians didn’t manage to get a single win during their time in group B and were now on the brink of getting eliminated. Odds were in favor of Peter “PPD” Dager’s team and if they succeeded here, their next opponent would be OG.

Bans in the first draft included some of the popular picks from today like Medusa, Terrorblade, Huskar, Lich and Earth Spirit. NiP went for strong offensive supports like Dazzle and Tusk opposed to Playmakers’ Rubick and Winter Wyvern. PPD’s Dazzle picked the first blood with a kill on Morphling. Seconds later after teleporting, Morph died again and essentially lost more than a minute walking back to the lane. NiP also dominated the bottom and mid lanes, increasing their advantage over the course of the next ten minutes. Once Adrian “Fata” Trinks got a Blink Dagger on his Tiny, he started destroying the enemy supports. Thanks to the constant pressure on all three lanes, PPD and his crew managed to sneak in a Roshan kill and the Aegis for Troll Warlord. Playmakers had trouble dealing with the enemy, as their single hope was Morphling or a well-placed Winter’s Curse. Forced to play defensively throughout the entirety of the match, Playmakers’ chances of making a comeback were slim. With Aegis in hand, NiP were preparing to take a hit at the enemy base.

Playmakers lost their mid barracks right after. Another teamfight later, Morphling was left as the sole defender of the base. Needless to say, that didn’t end too well.

After their confident lead in game one, the draft in the second match ensued. NiP countered half the enemy team with a last pick Outworld Devourer. Playmakers had a good start with both first blood and an additional kill before the zero-minute runes. Slardar and Timbersaw clashed in the top lane and somehow the former managed to pick a couple of solo kills on the latter. OD and Tiny were contesting last hits on the mid lane and bottom was a massacre with two trilanes constantly exchanging kills. Slark did a triple kill at minute four but that didn’t help him much against the pressure on lane, which prevented him from farming. Top and middle were both NiP-favored and Slark was the only hero who could make a difference for Playmakers. Ninjas in Pyjamas had a lead of more than 5000 experience and gold by minute 13 and that only continued to grow further. Taking down Roshan next, Outworld Devourer acquired the Aegis as well as a Blink Dagger. The latter helped with picking off unsuspecting foes.

Hitting the 20-minute mark NiP’s previous advantage was almost tripled, now standing at 14 000. Slowly chipping at the enemy buildings, they were playing it safe. 24 minutes in, after losing two lanes of barracks and realizing just how far behind they are Playmakers tapped out with a “gg”.

The playoffs of the Bucharest Minor will continue tomorrow with matches between Gambit Esports – EHOME, Keen Gaming – TEAM TEAM and OG – NiP.