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Ninja’s Twitch channel passes 400 million views

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has passed another milestone on his route to streaming superstardom last weekend as his Twitch views surpassed 400 million.

The streamer announced the milestone himself on Sunday. Ninja has consistently been the most watched Twitch streamer for a while and is pretty much the face of Fortnite. His popularity exploded during last year as he had multiple streams with music or sports celebrities, organized an impressive tournament, and signed a big sponsorship deal with Red Bull. His view count is pushed up by a veritable army of nearly 13 million followers, and he has spent over 200 hours streaming over the last month. While his channel has been online since 2011, he claimed the spotlight on the online scene in 2017 as he started streaming Fortnite as the game quickly picked pace. In 2018, he set several records for the stream with the most live stream views, and he’s been adding new followers with a prodigious pace.

He has outpaced by far any other individual streamer on Twitch in terms of total views. League of Legends’ Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana is currently at just over 300 million views, while former CS:GO pro Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is pushing towards 260 million – and no other Fortnite streamer has gone over the 200-million-views mark. There are in fact large leagues with less views than the 27-year old American: Overwatch League’s official channel has had just shy of 130 million views since its inception. And while Riot Games’ Twitch Channel currently holds the crown with over a billion views, it has a lot more years under the spotlight.

Among individual streamers, Ninja reigns supreme, and he’s already off to a good start in 2019.

Thumbnail image credit: screengrab