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Ninja’s Fortnite New Year stream recap

Fortnite celebrity Tyler “Ninja” Blevins ended the year with a widely advertised New Year’s Eve stream.

The broadcast, which was organized by one of Ninja’s sponsors, Red Bull Esports, was ran together with Twitch and was hosted on New York’s Time Square. It included Ninja playing Fortnite, alongside many special guests, and hosting various giveaways. The first celebrity guests were two popular athletes, Detroit Lions’ Marvin Jones JR and Toronto Maple Leaves’ Mitchell Marner. Тhey were later followed by Brazilian football player Neymar. The happenings involved several other noted streamers and esports personalities such as caster Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez as well. The Fortnite celebrity was involved in several hilarious moments, not all of them entirely planned (like, for example, failing to get the crowd to do the Floss dance).

Through the course of the 12-hour stream, Ninja and Red Bull gave out $100,000 in bits. The show itself was not one of Ninja’s most watched, but still retained over 150K concurrent viewers, peaking at 266K. 

This caps an incredible year for Ninja, who after starting his pro gamer career as a Halo 3 player in 2009 became a streamer in 2011. He was one of the early well-known Fortnite streamers, and his popularity grew tremendously. While he was already a big name in Fortnite soon after the release of Battle Royale in late 2017, it was in 2018 that he became a true gaming icon. The rise to online superstardom was marked by a stream last March, where he played together with rappers Drake and Travis Scott and American football player Juju Smith-Schuster in a stream that set the Twitch record for a single individual stream (a record that Ninja broke roughly a month later, streaming his event Ninja Vegas 2018).

In 2018, Blevins received multiple game awards recognizing his status as a streamer and game personality. The rewards were not limited only to online fame, either: he signed a big sponsorship deal with Red Bull, among others, and his net worth is currently estimated at around $10 million.

You can watch the NYE stream on Ninja’s Twitch channel here.

Thumbnail image credit: Ryan Hadji