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Ninja announces Red Bull sponsorship and special Fortnite event

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Fortnite’s most followed streamer, has announced a partnership with Red Bull and a planned fan challenge event called Red Bull Rise Till Dawn. The announcement was laconic but telling, showing Ninja tying a Red Bull bandana on his head and with their logo on his T-shirt.

Just in case it was not clear enough, Ninja confirmed the partnership on his Twitter.

The event, where fans can take place to fight among each other and with Ninja himself will take place in Chicago on the night of July 21-22 and will involve one hundred duos fighting for the overall victory in an all-nighter tournament to match its name. The games will start at 8:21 p.m. CT (1:21 a.m. CEST), and the winner is the team with the most points as determined by kills and placement by 5:35 a.m. CT (12:35 p.m. CEST) will win. Competitors will also get "bonus points" for eliminating Ninja during the event, organizers said in a statement. The winner of the event gets a first-place prize of $2,250.

Unsurprisingly, the event sold out in minutes, which speaks volumes about Ninja’s popularity. Fortnite is a dominant game in Twitch and other streaming platforms, and Ninja himself is the top streamer for the game, as well as the biggest Twitch streamer for any game. In fact, his streams have at times outperformed official game leagues such as the LCS for League of Legends or the Overwatch League for Overwatch. His rise to the top has been awe-inspiring, and on top of his great mechanics, he also gained fame for duo streams with celebrities like Drake.

The tournament will be broadcast on Ninja’s official Twitch channel.