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New Overwatch support unveiled by Blizzard

Recently, Overwatch’s developers hinted at a new hero in the works and the wait is officially over. Baptiste is the new Overwatch hero and he will be joining the support roster.

Based on the mysterious information left by Blizzard, fans speculated that the character would be an ex-member of Talon. This has proven to be true based on the introduction trailer for the support. The hero would likely have healing capabilities but there’s no information as of yet as to what his actual kit would be.

Based on the reveal, Baptiste is a combat medic, who was forced to make tough choices in his youth. The Omnic war devastated his community, leading to him having to make questionable decisions such as joining Talon. Over time, he became disillusioned with the kind of life he was living. Leaving the organization and striking on his own, the hero is determined to make a difference in the world – one bandage or bullet at a time.

Whether the hero will make a difference in terms of fighting the dreaded Goats composition remains to be seen. But chances are that he will shake the meta as a new support. Of course, it will take time until the Overwatch League gets to play him.

Stay tuned for more information on his actual kit and gameplay.

Thumbnail image credit: Blizzard Entertainment