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New Gauntlet mode shakes Fortnite tournament meta

The new V8.01 patch made a lot of changes to Fortnite, but the most interesting one appears to be the new Gauntlet Solo and Duo events it brought.

The patch introduced a test event for solo and duo play in order to gauge the viability of the format and determine whether it needs any changes. For now, it features a single session lasting until March 8, 23:00 CET. Players can get points every round and will be matched against opponents with similar point totals. The matchmaking period is up to eight minutes, but after four, the system expands the range of points where it looks for players. Duos tournaments will have a team score which will allow the players to change partners.

Players have no cap on how many matches they can play, but every match has a “bus fare” of -2 points that penalizes you for trying to play a lot of games in the hope of getting a lucky game. You can get points for standings and eliminations. Placing in the Top 25 gives you at least 3 points, with a Victory Royale being worth 10, and each enemy eliminated adds one extra point to your tally.

Once the test event ends, the top 5% players with the highest final score can play a Gauntlet Finals Tournament that will be separated by region. The finals will be a three-hour scheduled event, with the top 3000 from each region going to a Round 2 final on Sunday.

Expect more news about the tournament development soon.

Thumbnail image credit: Epic Games