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New Blood Moon skins coming to League soon

Recent updates in the League of Legends Public Beta environment have included three new Blood Moon skins – for Aatrox, Pyke and Sivir.

This skin line reimagines various champions as demons or masked cultists of Ionian Mythology. Ionia is a region in League’s world of Runeterra loosely based on fantasy East Asia, so you can expect a lot of Japanese, Korean and Chinese influences.

Ironically for a champion whose common look in the game is distinctly demonic, Blood Moon Aatrox is actually somewhat more human-like. His artwork does show a partial transformation, as his head spouts a set of curved horns and his insanely muscular left arm features wicked spines and ends in a bestial claw. He is also getting a Prestige skin version, where much of his armor and the skin on his demonic left arm have a golden tint.

Pyke’s new skin marks his first new look post-release, and it’s not bad at all. The Bloodharbor Ripper gets a full-face mask, and trades the collar made from the jaw of a sea beast for something akin to a pelt. Don’t worry that his newfound fashion sense means he’s gone soft, though – his new weapon might not look as rough as his old shank, but it hits just as hard.

Sivir has joined the Blood Moon as well. In her case, she has opted for ceremonial clothing and a mask to go with her much more decorated weapon. Her Chakram goes from an unusual weapon to something that is more akin to a work of art. Like the other skins, it too comes with a few changes in the sound effects.

The skins are likely tied to a Blood Moon event in the client, which may feature the return of the kill-focused Blood Moon game mode, and probably will include a new set of missions that give various rewards as well.

I see a blood moon a-rising.

I see trouble on the Rift.

I see Q procs and lightning.

I see bad times in ranked today.

Yeah, Creedence Clearwater Revival did it better.