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“Nerf this?” Okay!

D.Va gets a significant nerf in the latest changes to Overwatch’s Public Test Region server.

Ah, poetic justice. D.Va is so confident and self-centered that reducing her power was considered a joke. Well, it is quite real, at least on the PTR.

For the uninitiated, or those who simply play for fun and don’t care all that much about the development of Overwatch, the PTR is a special server where Blizzard implement their changes first, so thousands of players can try them in action and share their feedback. All major balance updates go through there first, get the judgment of the avid player base, and later get implemented in the live server that everybody’s playing on, usually without many major changes. Well, at least if the devs did a good job with the patch.

In the latest update, a group of heroes had major changes to their abilities. Namely, these are Reaper, D.Va, and Brigitte. The new patch increases the power of Reaper while reducing the efficiency of the two armored ladies.

D.Va’s Defense Matrix will have a 2-second cooldown, twice as much as before. This will slow down her defensive capabilities and make her more prone to devastating attacks such as the ultimates of Pharah, Moira, and McCree.

Another defense hero, Brigitte, gets yet another nerf. Not that long ago, her attacks were limited so that she could no longer kill Tracer with her combination of moves. She has it even worse now, with her ultimate, Rally, granting armor to her teammates for 30 seconds only.

On the other hand, skull-face Reaper will now life steal 50% of his damage dealt, up from 30%. This is a nice bonus to his recent increase in power that reduced the spread of his guns, making him a tank-killing machine.

It is clear that the direction Blizzard has taken is towards an anti-GOATS meta. The notorious composition of three-tank-three-support armored cannonball of death was really hard to stop. Once Reinhardt starts rushing, a critical Hack by Sombra and a strike by Doomfist were pretty much the only counters. Now that both Brigitte and D.Va are weakened, Reaper can use his new-fangled powers to put a dent in the Death ball and hopefully put an end to a hero composition that used to be a joke during the World Cup but has absolutely dominated the metagame since.