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Msdossary lifts FUT Manchester trophy

By Kiril Stoilov FIFA 20 Apr 2018

Musaad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary triumphed in the second and final FUT Champions cup for the year, set in Manchester. In what was a thrilling event, the Saudi Arabian showed the most resilience and with a couple of dramatic victories in the XBOX final and the Grand Final, claimed the coveted prize.

128 players kicked off the festivities on Friday, for only 16 to remain Sunday for the final 8 clashes of the tourney. With most favourites out of contention already, victims of the grueling first couple of days, a surprising champion was all but guaranteed.

Canadian youngster GoalMachine had made a name for himself in the XBOX bracket with a huge win against British heavyweight Gorilla in the Round of 16. After another impressive victory in the quarters, he finally fell to Msdossary in the semifinal. Although he was outright thrashed by his opposite 8-2, GoalMachine left the battlefield with his head held high and the vast appreciation of the audience in present.

Aldossary had a lot to offer the public himself, completing the biggest turnaround of the entire event in the XBOX final. Going down in both legs to Niklas ‘NRaseck7’ Raseck, Msdossary managed to tie up the first match with two late goals. To add to the drama, his winner for the conclusive score of 7-6 came in the second leg extra time, thus gaining the chance to put his hands on the trophy with one more win.

On the PS4 side of things, proceedings were similarly taut. With every single quarterfinal being decided by one goal, the final four was comprised of two Germans - Philipp ‘Eisvogel’ Schermer and Kai ‘Deto’ Wollin, facing off against two South Americans - Argentine Nicolas ‘Nicolas99fc’ Villalba and Brazilian Zizinho23, respectively. Once again drama was in the air as both ties went to the wire, Schermer defeating Villalba 4-3 and Zizinho 5-4 victorious over Deto, breaking up the German date. Eisvogel secured German presence in the final after all, the 5-3 result being the biggest margin of victory since the round of 16.

The first leg of the big final promised even more emotional trauma for the spectators as a 2-2 draw set up what was to be a deciding 90 minutes. Msdossary spared some heart attacks, taking the lead early on in the second game and never really giving room for any doubt about the victor. 6-4 final score and first tournament win for the Saudi Arabian in the past year and a half.

Everyone that made it to the final day of the tournament goes home with a consolidation prize, as both FUT Champions Cup events give out a total of 16 Global Series Playoffs slots - 8 for each side of the bracket. The 16 quarterfinalists from Manchester join those who made it to the same stage in Barcelona in January as contestants in the June edition of the Playoffs that will determine who is playing in the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 2018.