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More details emerge about Fortnite Scallywag Duos Cup

A new post by Fortnite developer Epic Games sheds light on the prize pool for the upcoming Scallywag Duos Cup.

Players in the top 3% of the upcoming Solos and Duos Gauntlet Test Event can take part in the Scallywag Duos Cup. The tournament will have a prize pool of $100,000, spread across all regions. It will take place this weekend, with the first round played on Saturday, March 16, and the finals taking place on Sunday, March 17.

The finals will feature the top 1500 duos in the respective region, with the top 25 receiving prizes. The exact amount that players can earn varies by region, however. In NA East and Europe, the pairs that get the first place will earn $2500 and $3500. In other regions, the amount is smaller – $1000. The rest of the prize pool will be spread among the remaining top 25 duos for each region.

As usual, players must be at least 13 years old to compete. They must also have two-factor authentication enabled and linked their accounts to an Epic ID.

Epic Games has mentioned that the Scallywag Duos Cup will also serve as a test tournament to improve the Events System. The game developer plans to use it to prepare for the Fortnite World Cup, which will take place later this year.

Image credit: Epic Games