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Meet Mr. Oliver, the esports cat

Every successful esports team needs an amazing coach and every great coach needs solid support. Meet Mr. Oliver, the cat of Aaron “Aero” Atkins.

Aero is an absolute legend. The guy has background in traditional sports and later transitioned into pro Overwatch as a highly sought-after talent. He coached for Fusion University, the champions of Contenders USA. He later transitioned into the Dallas Fuel, replacing their controversial previous coach, Kyle “KyKy” Souder. His presence in the “Blue Flame” was a rather noticeable improvement, as the team started winning games right away and almost made it to the seasonal playoffs – something unthinkable before his time. Aero’s latest achievement was his position as lead coach for Team USA, who made it all the way to BlizzCon with stellar performance and were surprisingly knocked out by team UK.

We might have the secret to Mr. Atkins’ great success. Sure, he is extremely knowledgeable and capable when it comes to high-level Overwatch. He is also a people’s person and has a very likable personality. But his secret probably lies in the moral support that he not only gives, but also receives. And the latter would be the work by the paws of Mr. Oliver.

Today Aero tweeted this lovely image:

This is the first glimpse we get of the cute furry Dallas Fuel member we didn’t know about. On the picture we see the chubby cat comfortably resting on Aero’s shoulder and looking to an unknown object off camera. The community was awestruck by the scene and many fans tweeted things like “UwU” and “Two handsomboiz :3”. One of the commentators is none other than Timo “Taimou” Kettunen, Dallas’ lead damage-dealer.

With positive vibes like that, the Fuel have all they need to start their season strong. Although world-class sniper and fan-favorite Brandan “Seagull” Larned is no longer in the team, the Texans are more than capable to climb through the ranks and become one of Overwatch League’s favorites, just like analyzers predicted last year, before their falling.

The Overwatch League starts February 14.

Images courtesy of Aaron "Aero" Atkins via Twitter & Blizzard Entertainment