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Lunara is the newest Hearthstone hero

With the announcement of the Year of the Raven Blizzard has also revealed a new Druid Hero – the dryad Lunara. Who is she? Here’s what we know about her.

Unlike most other Heroes in Hearthstone, who are main characters in the vast storyline, Lunara is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about this four-legged lady, other than her divine heritage and warrior attitude.

The dryads are the daughters of demi-god Cenarius, Lord of the Forest and patron god of all druids. Lunara is the eldest among her kin, thus bearing the title First daughter of Cenarius. While her sisters frolic through the woods and protect the wilds, Lunara has ventured into the world, turning her spear against anybody who seeks to exploit nature’s splendor.

In World of Warcraft she could be seen walking through the Dreamgrove in Val'sharah, closely followed by Iphy.

The character was first introduced in Heroes of the Storm alongside Greymane and Cho’Gall during Blizzcon 2015. In HotS she is a ranged assassin, relying on speed and poison effects. While speed is not really a factor in Hearthstone, poison seems fitting to the Druid class in the current game state. Popular cards such as Spreading Plague won’t be out of character for our new druid, as much as they arguably are for Malfurion.

Just like the other heroes who could be unlocked by various means or purchased from the store, her portrait and Hero power will be animated, and the decorations on the game board will be specific to her.

To get her, every player only needs to win 10 games in Standard when the new patch arrives in a month’s time. This is the same condition as with Maiev, last season’s unlockable Rogue. These two will switch places, so if you don’t own the Warden yet, make sure you get her before Year of the Raven starts. From that point on, it will be nothing but Druids.

Malfurion was the only Hero in Hearthstone who had no alternative version. As much as we’re fond of the weird horned guy, it’s great to welcome a new (though admittedly, also horned) face in the tavern.