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London Spitfire are the Overwatch League champions

The final series in the Grand Finals are over and London are crowned the Inaugural Season Champions.

Yesterday the games were intense. The Spitfire played with skill and confidence, while Philadelphia struggled to focus and made mistakes.
The Korean squad took advantage of their experience on big stages and the fact that Philly players were feeling nervous. Gesture was hunting down Carpe every step of the way, denying the orange camp much needed damage output. Things really had to change for the Fusion tonight, but they only had 24 hours to adapt. The selection of maps was also an obstacle in their path.


This map definitely favors London. Philly have a history of losing on it, but also this is where they defeated OWL final boss NYXL and got here to the Finals, so everything was up in the air. They knew what they have to do – keep Neptuno alive and leave the heavy lifting to Carpe.
Philly picked a 3-3 composition, while London went for Widowmaker and Hanzo combo. Both teams ran Roadhog/Orisa, which is the go-to for Junkertown. The first fight was decided when Neptuno made a clutch resurrection and the Fusion safely secured point one. However, this gave time for London to take the high ground and set up defenses. Fury executed a perfectly timed self-destruct and took away three enemies. However, their aggressive plays were punished as soon as Philly gathered around the payload and took the second point with ease.
Profit let a Dragonstrike through a wall which found four enemies at once and ended Fusion’s advance.

When the sides switched, it was a whole different picture. London played like a well-oiled machine and rolled through Philadelphia with no remorse. The map ended with 53-27 eliminations in favor of the British pilots. In a move mirroring yesterday’s escort maps, London quickly reached the point where the Fusion payload stopped and secured the map with a 2-3.


This game was a disaster for the Fusion. Sado split from the team and got eliminated, leaving a gaping hole in his team’s defense. Philly left the point uncontested and gifted London the first point. The Grand Finals is absolutely the worst time to throw a C9, and the orange squad was visibly shaken.

Birdring locked Widowmaker and eliminated Boombox with a devastating headshot. Profit locked Tracer for maximum mobility, found and shot down Carpe, buying his team additional time. As the counter reached 0-99%, Capre eliminated three enemies and flipped the point last second. However, this wasn’t enough to make a drop of a difference. The Fusion were all wiped off, leaving Poko as the lone defender of point B. It was lost - 0-2 for the Spitfire.


This was the make-or-break moment that could end the Inaugural Season of OWL right there. It also turned out to be the final nail in Philly’s coffin.

In the first team fight, Bdosin’s Roadhog hooked Boombox and took him out of the fight. Profit launched a RIP-tire and found Eqo. This set the mood for the entire game.

Boombox got to work and took down both Nus and Birdring, allowing his team to advance on the payload’s path.

On point B London began to play it safe. Both their RIP-tire and Self-Destruct did not find the targets they were aimed at, neither did they manage to kill Eqo, who was left open away from his team. The next push was stopped at the cost of three ultimates. Philly pressed onward and smoothly secured point B in the Overtime. Being a momentum-based squad they did what they do best – charging onward and steamrolling London for this crucial third point.

When the roles reversed, Carpe got to work. His double kill was quickly matched by Eqo, who exploited London’s Dragonstrike that split the teams into two groups to take down two enemies of his own. London had to adapt and they did it quickly. Locking Reinhardt, Moira, Brigitte, Lucio, and Zarya paid off and they took the upper hand. Right as they secured point A, things got messy. Capre took Doomfist and Sado locked Reinhardt. They were ready to meet the enemy. However, an Earthshatter from Gesture caught the Fusion by surprise and they were wiped off the map in a matter of seconds. It was 3-3.

London took the high ground and quickly eliminated Sado. This was just what they needed to put the final tick on the counter. Barklay’s was lit with blue light and covered in confetti rain. We had our champions.

Profit was definitely the MVP of the night, scoring 16,715 and 9 Dragonstrike kills in the last map alone. This, of course, was noticed by analyzers and fans, and Soe came down to the stage and presented him with the T-Mobile-sponsored award. Short on words, he and his team simply thanked the fans and enjoyed their trophies.

London Spitfire proved once and for all, they are the superior Korean team in the League and they’ve got what it takes to be a champion. Ever since their initial triumph with the Stage 1 title, they had a rough going. But everything’s well when it ends well, and tonight the teal team has every reason to celebrate.