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Liquid, BIG with content victories at ESL Pro League Finals

Team Liquid and BIG faced decent resistance in their opening games at the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals but ultimately kept their opponents at bay to record debut victories in Odense, Denmark.

Liquid started off slow versus G2 on Nuke, allowing the Frenchmen to pull away for a 6-1 lead on their CT side. Once the Americans found their groove though, it was game over for G2. They gave a start to the comeback by winning 7 of 8 to win the first half, and doing so convincingly. It was fairly obvious at this point that Liquid will not have much trouble with finishing the French off, and the 16-8 final score only confirmed those sentiments.

BIG’s game against INTZ was a bit more peculiar. The Europeans dominated most of the game, but somehow it got to a point where INTZ were right in it at 10-12. BIG did close it out with four straight rounds but they probably wondered how it even got this close given their apparent dominance.

The winners of these two games will play each other later today, 8:45 p.m. CET, to be precise. The same goes for the two losers, whose faceoff begins at the same time.