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KT Rolster fends off MVP to secure first spot in LCK’s last summer split match

The fight for the first place in the LCK took until the very last match in the league to resolve, and after a hard first game, KT Rolster prevailed over MVP with a 2-0 series that saw them rise to the top of the LCK with the end of the season. With no less than four teams shoulder to shoulder previously, any failure could send the prospective first-place contender to the very first round of the playoff, and after Griffin’s 2-0 win yesterday, KT needed a clean win of their own to take the big prize. MVP, on the other hand, needed a win to surpass Jin Air Greenwings and take the last open slot in the league that would protect them from relegation.

The first game saw KT start well with taking the first kill and tower, and everything looked good until they attempted an invade in the MVP jungle which cost them three deaths 12 minutes in. Kim ”Yondu“ Kyu-seok’s Zac was setting up several plays and gave his team a tempo advantage, which translated into a small gold and tower lead. However, a fight at the 15th minute saw KT pick up two kills after Yondu left himself exposed during his attempt to pick off Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and left KT with a big advantage in the fight. This stopped MVP’s momentum, but the team retained a very small gold lead well within the mid-game. While Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho’s Jarvan was a powerhouse in the side lane, MVP had a lot of pick power that could set up a 5v4 fight that they could win.

Video courtesy of Riot Games

The near-parity came to an abrupt end some 30 minutes in, and it was a 5v4 for MVP as they caught the KT jungler and put a lot of resources into killing him before his team could join the fight. However, it was not enough as a Smeb flank and a scoop from Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon’s Azir set up an ace in return, and KT simply pushed mid to take the first win.

The second game saw MVP try to pull a fast one by flexing a Varus Mid in order to pick a Jhin – Vel’Koz bot lane. However, KT were not in the mood to play games, and then went for something simple and effective – such as using Sejuani’s passive and stun to get a first blood in the top lane, a kill (one of several) against Kang ”ADD“ Geon-mo’s Gnar to negate any pressure coming from his lane. MVP showed some fighting spirit with a four-man dive bot somewhat later and killed Deft, but Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong’s Morgana managed to escape just as the rest of GT got another kill on ADD. In the mid game, KT went on a tower-killing rampage, taking down all 6 towers outside of the MVP base within 25 minutes and amassing an over 8K gold lead. KT were able to take the baron at 28 minutes with only token resistance, and they sieged the MVP base from all three lanes. They took all three inhibitors before the 30-minute marker had elapsed, and it was all MVP could do to get a kill on Score before they were routed in their own base and the game was over.

With this win, KT Rolster took the first place at the end of the season with match score and game difference equal to Griffin’s, but with the better head-to-head record. This places KT directly in the finals.

And with this fanfare, the last series of the regular split for the LCK is concluded. The playoffs begin this Sunday with the first round which pits Afreeca Freecs against Gen.G. While Afreeca came out barely ahead in the head-to-head, Gen.G has looked a lot more solid throughout the season and arrives to the series as the favorite. The first three rounds of the playoff will take place in mid-August, before the teams take a break for the Asian game, and the finals will take place on September 8th with KT waiting for their contenders.

Meanwhile, this loss meant that MVP will end the season in 9th place, and will have to play in the promotion tournament to retain their spot for next year.