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Konami announces Winning Eleven GEO Cup 2019

By Aaron Oh eSports 20 Feb 2019

Developer Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. has announced the Winning Eleven GEO Cup 2019 tournament.

The Winning Eleven GEO Cup 2019 is a 1v1 tournament played on the PS4 platform of Winning Eleven 2019. If you are concerned that you have somehow missed a game by the name Winning Eleven, don’t worry. This is how Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer title is known in Japan.

The offline Playoffs will reportedly be held across 12 GEO venues from March 2 till March 10. Each venue winner will be invited to the Finals of the GEO Cup 2019 on March 30.

There will also be online qualifiers available on the internet from March 16 till March 17, and the top 8 on the online leaderboard will also be invited to compete in the Grand Finals on March 30.

The first venue stop for the tournament has been announced to be the GEO Kanazawa Okumukazu Store on Saturday, March 2. The e-sports Square Akihabara will play host to the Grand Finals of the Winning Eleven GEO Cup 2019.

Based on the information on the website, this tournament is open to Japanese residents. For full details on the schedule and rules of the GEO Cup, you can check here.

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