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Keen Gaming end NiP’s run at the Bucharest Minor

The final series for the day was between Ninjas in Pyjamas and Keen Gaming.

This wouldn’t be the first encounter of the two teams as they previously met in the group stage. Draft for the first game was fairly even with both teams having a mix of early to late game characters. While there was no great difference in kills between the two, Keen Gaming had the lead in gold and experience. Ninjas in Pyjamas’ teamfight potential was much greater with all five of their heroes having some sort of massive crowd control, but playing from behind wasn’t ideal. Arc Warden needed a lot of space which wasn’t available and his net worth could’ve been much better. NiP knew that Arc’s able to scale really late and win the game alone, but to do that he needed time. Keen abused the fact that their opponents were reliant on having Ravage and sneaked in a Roshan kill, securing the first Aegis of the Immortal for Outworld Devourer. Ninjas were able to defend the base easily thanks to Tidehunter’s Aghanim Gush and Grimstroke’s Stroke of Fate, but Keen’s advantage grew to 20 000 gold and experience by minute 30.

Shortly after Keen picked another Aegis and Cheese, resuming their assault on the enemy highground. NiP were stuck between a rock and a hard place as they had to defend the base, but simply couldn’t start a fight against Keen. Interestingly enough, OD wasn’t the top of the networth, but Centaur Warruner, who stood at 5000 health points and was borderline unkillable with Cheese and Black King Bar. The final defense of Ninjas in Pyjamas failed and their ancient fell 36 minutes in.

Keen looked solid in both the draft and the laning stage, earning a rightful victory after pressuring NiP for over half an hour.

The second draft ended with a Razor for Keen. Ninjas in Pyjamas picked up the first blood with Troll Warlord killing the enemy Brewmaster. NiP’s kill potential relied entirely on early rotations by Chen and Earth Spirit, but despite their best efforts the game was still fairly even. After 10 minutes into the game, no team had a lead greater than 1000 gold or experience. Chen and Beastmaster were the two heroes to die the most from each team, but that hardly mattered after a certain point. The first meaningful teamfight happened at minute 18 finishing with a nice twist.

The first Roshan for the game fell at minute 26, but a favorable teamfight for Keen took place right before it.

With the Aegis acquired, Puck had to buyback and defend the base, but it wasn’t enough. Keen couldn’t get anything else beside the mid lane barracks, since the side lane tier two towers were still standing. Taking the shrines, the Chinese transitioned into the top lane, making quick work of the towers there and focusing on the barracks. With Chen, Puck and Dragon Knight all dead, the buildings fell and all that remained was the bottom lane. Getting caught off-guard, Weaver had to sacrifice a buyback in order to get the bottom tower. Keen decided to play it safe and took their time waiting for the next Roshan. Ninjas managed to get the perfect initiation on their rivals but it simply wasn’t enough.

Less than a minute later, after wasting all their buybacks, NiP decided it’s a good idea to get in a fight again. Needless to say, the outcome wasn’t any different. With four heroes for the side of Ninjas dead, they tapped out with a “gg” and ended their run at the Bucharest Minor. Keen’s overall score versus NiP in the event is six wins and one loss. The Chinese team will play tomorrow against Gambit Esports and depending on the results, we might see them in the grand finals against their fellow countrymen EHOME.