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Kaplan talks on forums about incoming changes

Game Director Jeff Kaplan has recently been active on Blizzard’s forums, providing some useful insight on what’s to come in the near future for Overwatch.

He recently made a short post about the complexity of transferring skins and content from console to PC. Nothing concrete and specific at the moment, but the fact that Blizzard are looking for ideas is an encouraging thought. Gamers with multiple systems might be in for a surprise at some point in the future.

The famous game director made another post a few hours ago, from which Overwatch players can expect a Developer Update next week. This could mean two things – more Dinoflask videos and more information about the state of the game, balance and how the developers are generally feeling about some of the heroes.

The viability of Mercy and Brigitte have been two rather heated topics in the very recent past. Part of the community is still negative towards Brigitte and believes she provides too much utility for very limited skill requirement and risk involved. On the other hand, many players contest this idea and feel that at this point, the shield-bashing hero is balanced and she is not in need of any tuning.

The Mercy community on the forums was absolutely livid with the recent nerf on their favorite hero and has since took the forum by storm creating endless waves of topics asking for a Mercy rework. Whether this is bias on their part remains to be seen, as the statistics on all supports currently do not point out that the Swiss doctor is doing terrible. Nevertheless, Overbuff’s data should be taken with a grain of salt since it does not represent the whole Overwatch population. The Developer Update will likely address the state of all supports based on Blizzard’s own information which would naturally be more in-depth and accurate.

Kaplan has also mentioned in another post that the developers are making changes to Pharah internally and some of these changes will hit the PTR next week. This is very interesting information particularly because Pharah has been a very controversial hero. Her viability has been affected dramatically with the decrease in damage fall-off for heroes like Soldier, McCree and Mei.

Hit-scan heroes have always been a strong choice against her but now are becoming particularly dangerous. Ironically, she has been by far one of the best choices on console where Mercy together with Pharah is a very popular strategy. Many players from the console community have called her even oppressive. This is highly likely because hit-scan heroes are not as effective compared to their PC counterparts due to the limitations of the controller.

Finally, some Roadhog changes were already implemented as well. In addition, these updates should now be present in the Patch notes. The recent adjustment makes Roadhog’s alternate fire having damage fall-off to reduce its effectiveness against far away targets. To balance this revision, the developers have increased the overall range of the ability. Like Reaper, the overall randomness of hitting critical shots has also been improved and should feel more consistent.

Roadhog has been another focus in the community with many of his players believing he is currently very poor choice and needs some fine-tuning and improvement. More than likely the incoming Developer Update will address his state.

Next week is going to be exciting – a lot of new information yet to come. Perhaps even some hints on hero 29?