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Jeff Kaplan addresses Overwatch compositions

Overwatch game director and spokesperson Jeff Kaplan took to the internet to address some of the game’s most talked about issues right now – team structure.

It all happened live on the channel of popular streamer and online personality Fran. The interview was part of Fran’s special stream that covered Ana’s Bastet Challenge – a special event that rewards fans not only for playing Overwatch, but also for watching others play on Twitch. You can find the details of the promotion here.

Kaplan talked about a myriad of issues, but one of them stuck out as most notable and instantly sparked heated discussions on the game’s forums.

Compositions are something the players have been complaining about a lot. “Dive”, a very mobile and fast attack formation utilizing Winston and Lucio, used to be problematic, then came “GOATS” (Death Ball), and now “Double Sniper” is apparently a big issue. “What the hell do you people want? Go play Mystery heroes!”, he exclaimed.

Kaplan was only half-joking, though. In a game of high synergy between heroes and certain group play styles taking precedence and thus creating counter-play styles, a strict meta game is a simple reality. Removing a certain type of team composition from it will only cause random-like pandemonium, which, coincidentally, is already a thing in Overwatch.

So, from what it seems, the game will continue to heavily lean towards certain archetypes and high-level players will just have to master them. This, of course, is the cause of huge scrutiny among the esports elite, with notable pros such as Brandon “Seagull” Larned going as far as stating it as a cause to retire from the scene.

But there is one simple truth we need to face, whether we like it or not. GOATS, Dive, and all other top-tier compositions are something that only really happens at a high level of play. And since the vast majority of Overwatch players are low-skill, Blizzard needs to keep catering to their needs, even though the hardcore players are complaining.

Alternatively, they can double down on their perplexing decision from the Overwatch League’s Inaugural season and have the pros play on a slightly different version of the game than the folks at home. It sure would be strange, but it is one way to address the issue. We’ll see how the latest changes will affect the game very soon.