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Intel becomes official PC sponsor for upcoming PUBG GI

As we draw closer to the largest to-date competition for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sponsored and hosted by PUBG Corp., the game's developer has revealed a new partnership. Intel will become the featured hardware sponsor of the event with the company providing all necessary PCs needed for the PUBG Global Invitational.

All computers will be powered by eighth-generation Intel Core i7-8700k processors, providing the required top-notch experience for all participants. PUBG Corp. CMO Richard Kwon has shared his delight with the company’s decision to collaborate with Intel.

According to Kwon, the commitment Intel has made will help PUBG blossom into a fully-competitive title and claw a significant market share from other eSports games. Meanwhile, Intel commented through Intel Vice President of the VR, Gaming and Esports Group John Bonini who said that Intel will make sure the gaming experience is up to the task.

He also added that “PUBG is a stellar example of the PC gaming industry’s continued leadership and we look forward to delivering a great event.”

With the sponsorship of Intel now secured, all that’s left for us to do is to look forward to the official date of launch. The competition takes place from July 25 to 29 and it will feature 20 teams competing in teams of four. The total prize money allocated for the event is $2 million. As we speak, regional qualifiers are already afoot all around the world. All of these events are organized with the help of established tournament hosts, including ESL, Starladder, and MET.

Intel is also sponsoring the Overwatch League and NBA 2K League. PUBG has been trying to lodge itself as a better-recognized eSports title for a while now. With the battle royale genre still operating on the fringes of the segment, both PUBG and its main competitor Fortnite have been making more substantial pushes in the field.

PUBG just vowed a new NA event targeting amateur players. A while back, Epic Games, Fortnite’s developer, announced $100 million investment for the 2018/2019 eSports season alone, suddenly taking Fortnite out on the eSports map.