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GIRLGAMER returns for Season 2, releases official movie

The GIRLGAMER Esports Festival is returning for a second season, slated to open doors in Lisbon, Portugal, on July 22. Hosted by Grow uP eSports and backed by a number of partners from across various industries, including cosmetics, iGaming, IT firms, energy leaders, and event organizers, the festival will focus on an inclusive approach towards all gamers, albeit female athletes will, naturally, have the spotlight.

GIRLGAMER focuses, as the name tellingly suggests, on celebrating the exploits of female gamers and generally seeks to attract more women to professional video gaming.

Grow uP eSports has made a documentary movie shot in Macau during last year’s edition of the festival, which tells the story of girl gamers across the globe. Produced by Litoral Filmes, the documentary follows the lives of some of the premier female eSports athletes as they compete in CS:GO and LoL events at the highest level. You may watch the movie here or refer to the home page of the festival. The 2018 edition of the meetup will also feature a Clash Royale tournament.

Video courtesy of Grow uP eSports.

Grow uP eSports President Fernando Pereira had this to say about the movie:

“We believe women are as mentally strong and acutely agile as men are so there’s no reason why they aren’t competing on a level playing field. GIRLGAMER Esports Festival is one of the first steps in achieving this, by creating a fruitful environment for existing role-models to inspire a younger generation that they, too, can engage in Esports competitions.”

Grow uP eSports CEO Telmo Silva has spoke about the continuous underrepresentation of female gamers and said that the festival will address this particular issue first:

“The underlying idea of GIRLGAMER was born from the belief that esports competitions should be universal and inclusive. However, the female representation in the professional esports scene is still very low. Therefore, as a way to develop and motivate women’s competitiveness, we have created GIRLGAMER.”

Details on the keynote speeches are yet to be announced, but they will be available soon on the official website along with a schedule of the events. To top it all off, the festival is also running a giveaway.