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Gen.G stuns LCK with upset against Griffin

The previously struggling Gen.G delivered the biggest upset in the LCK Spring Split so far by handing Griffin a 2-0 loss.

Game 1

Griffin took the first blood of the series six minutes in when they tower-dove Kim “Life” Jeong-min’s Braum and Son “Lehends” Si-woo secured the kill. Several minutes later, the Griffin support killed the Gen.G jungler as well. The early kills and map pressure helped his team amass nearly 3K gold lead as the mid game neared. A catch gave Gen.G two kills 14 minutes in, but the execution required a teleport from Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin’s Neeko. This allowed Griffin’s top laner Choi “Sword” Sung-won on Ryze to take the first tower and maintain his team’s advantage.

However, at 20 minutes, both the Neeko and Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk’s Vayne had found kills and looked to scale to the late game – if their front line could hold.

The teams remained at this difference throughout much of the mid game, avoiding full-on confrontations that were not in their favor. Gen.G finally broke the deadlock 35 minutes in by starting the Baron.

Video credit: Riot Games

Griffin came in and Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong attempted a steal, but he fell in the fight and Gen.G secured the objective. They rotated to the Elder drake, added it to their tally and went on the offensive.

Video credit: Riot Games

Shortly before the Baron buff expired, Song “Fly” Yong-jun’s Lissandra tried to force a fight near the mid inhibitor turret but was quickly burst down. When Griffin tried to force the issue, however, Ruler and Cuvee ran amok and took over the fight. An ace – with a Quadra Kill for Vayne – was all they needed to close out the game.

Game 2

The teams made few changes to their draft, and Gen.G once more got their Lissandra/Vayne/Neeko trio. For the opening minutes, however, they were able to keep up with the former rookies. This changed 11 minutes in, when Griffin caught CuVee’s Neeko out of position for first blood before taking a 2-1 shortly afterward. However, their opponents took the first tower in the bottom lane several minutes later to keep the game from getting away.

A long exchange 18 minutes in resulted in a 1-1. More importantly, it gave Griffin the opportunity to use the Rift Herald and get two turrets in the top lane. Still, Gen.G’s carries found kills and the team stayed close, becoming progressively more dangerous in teamfights. Griffin’s big advantage lied in dragons – they had secured two early ones and added a third one 26 minutes in, giving them a huge edge in objective secure speed.

Video credit: Riot Games

Gen.G sought to prevent a Baron rush by going for it themselves 27 minutes in. It went horribly wrong for them as Tarzan jumped in and stole it from under their noses. Gen.G responded by killing him and chased, but the final result was a 2-2 trade and a Baron for Griffin. Yet, using the Baron buff proved harder than obtaining it. The former rookies could not get any objectives and eventually a pick on Sword forced them to go on the defensive.

Video credit: Riot Games

A fight in the mid lane in 32 minutes in resulted in Vayne getting three kills. Gen.G destroyed the middle inhibitor before retreating to pick up the Baron. With it, they pushed all lanes, and when Griffin tried to engage and push back, Gen.G smashed them and ended the game to complete the upset.

This is a great victory for the struggling organization which remains at ninth place in the standings. Despite their unenviable position, they looked on point in the match and their win is well-deserved. While the former Worlds representatives will not be making the Spring Playoffs, every victory helps them avoid a bottom two spot and having to play in the promotion tournament. For Griffin, this is a concerning result – while they remain safely in first place for now, they looked quite vulnerable today.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games