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G2 Esports take down Flash Wolves to contest first place in Group A of Worlds

Europe’s G2 Esports took down  the LMS champions Flash Wolves with an impressive macro performance, ending the game off a splitpush.

G2 picked a heavy damage and splitpush-oriented composition against a tank-heavy roster aiming to protect Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung Xayah. A Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin gank mid as Huang “Maple”  Yi-Tang was returning to the lane gave FW the first kill on Luka “Perkz”  Perković’s Akali, and then the duo rotated to the botlane to pick up another kill. The LMS team slowly slid behind despite good early vision, however, and  G2 eventually picked several kills, towers and a CS lead leading to over 3k gold lead at the 20th minute, which in turn unlocked Akali and Martin “Wunder” Hansen’s Camille as splitpushers. FW remained a powerhouse in a 5v5, but the European team had no intention to give it to them, dragging them across the map with coordinated plays leading to them taking an inhibitor tower 30 minutes in without a major fight.

Video courtesy of Riot Games

FW committed in the baron shortly after, trusting that it would give them the opportunity to push back, but Wunder pushed the base while his team contested 4v5. The rest of G2 did not take the baron, but they stopped the backs long enough for the Camille to get the nexus.

With this, G2 are now at 2-1 alongside Flash Wolves at the top of the table. The commitment to split pushing worked well and has helped them secure a second key win, but it also shows that Flash Wolves were unable to keep up or find good engages, and Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh was unable to generate plays for his team on Braum.