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Ninja's Fortnite event to feature Creative map

The upcoming tournament later this month that will feature famous streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins will be played on a custom map designed in Fortnite’s Creative feature.

In a recent stream session, Ninja announced that he will play Fortnite with the K-pop group iKON in an upcoming event that will start on March 16 in New York. What raised eyebrows even further was his comment that the games would be played on a new map – one “literally built for this event”.

There were initial expectations that the event would showcase a new map by Fortnite developer Epic Games. However, Samsung – who will be supporting the event – quickly clarified that the games would take place on a Creative map by community creator Bludrive. Unlike some of the genre, Epic has not opted to make a new map and has instead kept developing the Battle Royale island every season.

Samsung has announced that there will be an exclusive iKONIK outfit for players who have the new S10 phone. Players can sign up for the game through the Fortnite page the South Korean giant made for its upcoming gaming phone.

Thumbnail image credit: Samsung, Epic Games