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Fnatic enters Rainbow Six: Siege with its own team

Esports powerhouse Fnatic have announced their new Rainbow Six: Siege, after plucking players from the Asia-Pacific region. Fnatic has signed Etienne ‘Magnet’ Rousseau, Jason ‘Lusty’ Chen, Ethan ‘RizRaz’ Wombwell, Matthew ‘Acez’ McHenry, and Daniel ‘NeophyteR’ to represent the organisation in future tournaments.

Previously known as team Mindfreak, the players have got a victory during the APAC LAN finals. The team participated in the finals over the weekend as well.

Meanwhile, Fnatic co-owner Patrik Sättermon expressed his enthusiasm about the latest acquisition. Sättermon added that his organisation is committed to advancing its own bid in the region and Australia, as well as the slated-to-grow eSports title. Additionally, Sättermon said Fnatic are joining similar organisations, which are investing in this part of the world in an attempt to expand Australian eSports.

Rainbow Six Siege is also primed to enter the Chinese market as a mobile-port with the help of Tencent, a company that reigns supreme in the country. Similarly, Tencent has successfully overseen the porting of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

In a similar vein, some eSports journalists have been openly speculating whether Rainbow Six: Siege can become a veritable eSports title with its mix of new characters and competitive features having been continuously introduced.