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FlyQuest keeps second place after win against TSM

FlyQuest won their game versus TSM with an amazing backdoor play that leaves them at the sole second place after the second week of games.

TSM started stronger in the early game, and even the first blood going to Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen in a 2v2 10 minutes in did was not enough to bring FlyQuest ahead in gold. However, a double kill in the bot lane three minutes later knocked the wind out of TSM’s sails, especially as both bounties went to Jason “WildTurtle” Tran’s Kai’Sa. Over the following few minutes, FlyQuest took the first turret and opened up a gold lead.

About 19 minutes in, the teams clashed near the Rift Herald. While TSM secured the objective and the first kill of the fight, they lost three in return. TSM fought back in the mid-game, however, getting a 2-2 fight 27 minutes in and starting the baron two minutes later.

Video credit: Riot Games

It all went horribly wrong for them, however, as when Eugene “Pobelter” Park Zoe used a Smite she got from her W to steal the baron. FlyQuest got two kills on top of the objective, and soon secured the middle inhibitor. The six-time LCS champions had little control over the map past that point.

Eventually, FlyQuest threw the dice and went for the respawned baron 36 minutes in, but FlyQuest once more came to contest and secured the objective again. TSM were pushed back, and Omran “V1per” Shoura teleported in their base to end the game while the rest of his team was mopping up the opposition.        

It was a dominant win for FlyQuest, and an impressive performance by Pobelter as the squad bounced back from a lackluster game against CLG and once more looked like a top-tier team.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games