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Flash Wolves hand Afreeca Freecs their second loss

League of Legends Master Series champion Flash Wolves took down the Korean representatives Afreeca Freecs, who are now off a 0-2 start. The two teams played a long, low-kill game, which the LMS team eventually dominated with a great performance from their AD Carry on Kai’Sa.

The teams stalked each other for an extended, bloodless early game for nearly 15 minutes. Then, Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin ganked top which gave Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang first blood on Kim “Kiin” Gi-in’s Akali, but it did not lead to a significant advantage. As the mid game started, however, Flash Wolves had a small pressure lead, yet were unable to properly capitalize on it and the teams continued jostling for position well into the 30th minute.

Video courtesy of Riot Games

A pick on Moojin’s Lee Sin 31 minutes in saw Afreeca go for the baron, and while Flash Wolves were 4v5, Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung’s Kai’sa took over, getting 3 kills and ensuring the baron would go to the LMS team. With it, they finally broke the deadlock, but it was not enough to enter the Afreeca base. Eventually, FW went for a second baron after a kill on Kiin, where Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon went in the pit too early and was torn apart.

Video courtesy of Riot Games

With Spirit down, Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang’s Sion found a great engage and Betty’s Kai’sa leapt in the fray to pile on the damage. Three quick kills sealed the deal, and gave Flash Wolves the second win at Worlds.

While both teams had good aspects to the draft, Afreeca could not find the execution to get their carries going, leaving Flash Wolves with a fully levelled Kai’Sa that dominated the late game fights. For Flash Wolves, this was not the most impressive win, but going full late game and shutting Afreeca down is certainly a good sign for their chances of taking first place in the group.