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FIFA’s KiNG eSports top the Sunday competition in London

KiNG eSports secured themselves the first place in the FIFA eClub World Cup which took place in London on Sunday. The team overcame the underdogs from Dijon FCO in a decisive game.

KiNG were labeled overwhelming favorites for the title. And how are you expected not to be the favorites when you have the two best players in the world on your team? With Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba and Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt – both leaders in the world rankings of their respective console – teamed up, no one was stopping KiNG on their quest to the trophy.

The winners walked away from FIFA eClub World Cup with 1500 Global Series points each, securing the first place in the competition and beating their opponents from Dijon FCO.

Still, the opposition made sure no cakewalks occur, and the star duo had to go through a pair of three-match series in order to just get to the final. They took the wins against Imperial and Futbolist after all, due to their effortless teamwork and natural skill, to set up a final with French team Dijon.

The runners-up

Dijon Football Côte d'Or had entered the competition with a couple of loanees – Aurélien “Moolzn” Cheron and Nathan “Herozia” Gil. The Ligue 1 club was the one laughing in the end, as Team Vitality, who had lent them the two players, went out in the groups, watching while their own guys were competing in the final. Moolzn and Herozia could not deliver the magic to the final though, giving Tekkz and nicolas99fc their easiest matchup in the playoffs in an 0-2 defeat.

Commenting for, Dijon's Aurelien “Moolzn” Charon said:

We were underdogs, and we tried out best in the final, and it was not easy, but we are proud of our tournament.

To the victors go the spoils

With this victory, the Englishman and the Argentinian further established their dominance in the FIFA 19 competitive circuit. Villalba is sitting in first place in the PS4 standings with a 1420-point advantage over Belgian Stefano Pinna. Hunt is going out of reach in the XBOX leaderboard where he is almost 4,000 points ahead of the closest competitor – Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary.

KiNG also bagged $40,000 for their placement in the event, followed by Dijon FCO who brought in $20,000. Many established organizations struggled against the runners-up, including Manchester City and FaZe Clan.

What this means for business

Recently, EA said that they would seek to further boost FIFA as an esports, hoping to drive better viewership. The current numbers stand at 22 million unique viewers for the previous eWorld Cup’s finals.

EA’s stock jumped by 16% in January, but the Q3 earnings call indicated weakness insofar as Battlefield sales were concerned. Still, the company’s new Apex Legends BR title might be the breath of fresh air that it needs to start on a firm financial foothold again.

The next event of the FIFA competitive season is February’s FUT Champions Cup, which will be hosted by ELEAGUE on February 22-24.

Thumbnail image credit: EA Games