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xQc isn't coming back to Overwatch League Season 2

Canadian national and ex-Dallas Fuel main tank Felix “xQc” Lengyel won’t be coming back to the Overwatch League for its second season.

The statement was made by the player himself during the BlizzCon 2018 press conference right after Overwatch World Cup quarterfinal game between Canada and France. When asked about his potential return to the OWL, xQc had this to say:

“No, I don't think I will rejoin OWL, unless maybe something huge happens. In general, I just enjoy streaming, and just being free to do whatever. But I still enjoy competing like this every once in a while, I love it."

Felix competed in the OWL for the majority of its Inaugural season under the banner of Dallas Fuel. At the time his team was struggling. Before the beginning of the league, many analysts predicted a great future for the “blue flame”. The team were considered favorites to win the trophy due to their massive star power, having players such as xQc and Brandon “Seagull” Larned, who are both extremely popular streamers and well-known community members. However, Dallas experienced inner turmoil and motivation issues, as well as conflicts with their Head Coach at the time, Kyle “KyKy” Souder. During these controversial times, xQc was having disciplinary problems and even got fined a couple of times for inappropriate conduct. He quickly built himself a reputation of being quick to leap with his Winston, but also leap in verbal insults towards his fellow players and the Overwatch League casting staff. After a series of punishments, he resigned from Fuel and announced he is leaving pro Overwatch in favor of his stream, which allows him to behave the way he wants, and also grants him better income.

Since his departure from the league, xQc has enjoyed large following online and his stream consistently takes the top spots in terms of Twitch viewership numbers. Since then, Lengyel has hinted at a potential return and disclosed that multiple OWL teams had extended an offer to him. However, none of these seem to have been attractive enough, as confirmed by the tank main.

His presence in Canada’s Overwatch World Cup roster came as a surprise to many, as some community members speculated that xQc was banned from all Blizzard esports events. However, he participated and did well, and his attendance was definitely welcomed – he led the MVP polls for Team Canada on Twitch, and the Overwatch World Cup live show featured a special segment with him, as Blizzard staff was throwing xQc’s belongings in the crowd, while the casters constantly brought him up in their banter and cracked jokes at him.

Felix is definitely one of the strongest personalities in competitive Overwatch, even though mostly through attractive negative attention, so his absence will definitely be noticeable in OWL Season 2 which is set to kick off on February 14, 2018.