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Farming Simulator League starts at FarmCon 19

The Farming Simulator League which will mark the title’s entry into esports starts at FarmCon 19 at CLAAS, Harsewinkel.

That’s no coincidence – CLAAS is one of the most renowned German agricultural machinery manufacturers, dating back to 1913. Together with GIANTS Software, the company which created the Farming Simulator franchise, they stand behind this year’s FarmCon 19. It’s the largest farm sim community event and it’ll appropriately take place at the CLAAS headquarters in Harsewinkel, Germany. 

FarmCon’s first edition was held back in 2016, where the developers met with fans for the first time and discussed the implementation of user-generated mods into the game. Starting with just 250 people in 2016, the event grew in popularity and easily exceeded 1000 visitors in 2018. This year’s FarmCon will be the fourth one in a row and is set to take place on July 27-28.

In addition to getting a tour around the agricultural machine producer, fans will also have a chance to witness the first ever esports event of Farming Simulator. Starting at FarmCon 2019, the Farming Simulator League will consist of 10 esports tournaments with a total prize pool of €250,000. The minimum prize for any individual one won’t fall below €15,000.

Head of CLAAS Merchandising Stefanie Wiktor commented:

“We are looking forward to welcoming the fans of Farming Simulator here at our headquarters in Harsewinkel this summer. Furthermore, we are also excited about working together with GIANTS Software in the future. Just be patient! We’ve got big plans. And maybe a few surprises.”

GIANTS Software CEO, Christian Ammann added:

“While I am sure most of our enthusiastic players already know CLAAS, FarmCon 19 will be the perfect opportunity for them to take a look at their world famous machines in real life and visit the factories where they are manufactured, it’s always great to meet players in person and this time they’ll be able to get a glimpse of what we are working on with one of their favourite brands.”

The two companies are putting solid effort for FarmCon 19 and their cooperation will probably last throughout the upcoming season. In the end, though, the success of the Farming Simulator League is entirely up to the players and their interest.