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Even more StarCraft birthday gifts

StarCraft’s birthday celebrations continue with more in-game loot.

As we reported not long ago, original StarCraft’s birthday brings players presents across all Blizzard games. After the initial announcement though, developers revealed even more stuff up for grabs. This time they are more community-based, rewarding players for playing with a friend, or engaging in live streaming.

If you’ve logged in your account yesterday, you might have noticed a notification in your Gift tab. This is your free Co-Op Commander Fenix waiting for you. He is available for free to all logging players between 29 March and 3 April. In case you’ve already purchased him, you’ll get a free 30-day co-op Stimpack. That’s double experience points for you and your partner for the next 30 days.

In addition to this, Blizzard will reward players for watching StarCraft, StarCraft Remastered and StarCraft II content on Twitch.
Players who connect their account and their Twitch account and watch streamers play will be awarded in-game loot. These include:
• Chance for random SC2 Announcer or Co-op Commander drops;
• A chance for random SC2 War Chest skin drop;
• Guaranteed exclusive ‘Bob Toss’ emoji, spray and portrait after two cumulative hours of watching
• Guaranteed exclusive Console Skin if you watch the Birthday stream for at least two hours

The last two are a light-hearted rainbow-coloured cosmetics that are sure to bring some bling to your battles and are relatively easy to get, as they don’t depend on chance.