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EU Masters play-in finishes

After four days of play, the European Masters play-in stage is over, and three teams have joined the group stage: Szata Maga+6, Gentside and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The Polish team made an incredible run after their first day, not dropping a single game and finishing with an impressive 5-1 record. They rose to the top of the table after defeating Gentside on the third day, and stamped their direct tickets to the next phase after defeating NiP on Thursday. That ensured they would end the play-in stage with the undisputed first place that gives them a direct bye for the Group stage.

The Nordic team, on the other hand, lost their next several games after a 3-0 start, but in the end, they ended in a 3-5th place and had to face Giants Gaming Spain, a team that had beaten them on Day 3. In the decider game, however, they fared a lot better, taking a kill lead and getting a lot of gold on their mid lane Fizz and Jungle Graves. While Giants had the early gold lead, NiP found a great fight 17 minutes in – Larssen’s already powerful Fizz got a triple kill in the 4-0, and soon later the team managed to get an early baron, enough of a lead to quickly end the game.

Gentside had to face a team they had beaten in the group as well: Germany’s mousesports. While Gentside found the first kill with a quick catch on Bloody, mousesports’ jungler soon made up for it with a successful gank bot. The game was equal until GEC managed to use a kill and the herald to get the first tower in the mid-lane, and with their gold lead and vision control, they never let mouse get the pushing lanes they wanted. 22 minutes in, Gentside took a baron, and their opponents found no way back into the game until it ended 26 minutes in.

The EU Masters continues on September 17 with the Group stage, where Szata Maga+6, Gentside and Ninjas in Pyjamas join the first seeds from the EU’s 13 regional leagues.