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ESL brings eSports to Wacken Open Air metal fest

ESL continues to expand its reach to broader audiences. The League used the occasion of the E3 Gaming Expo to announce a new arena, and the company is now moving to target fans in the heavy metal music fans. The eSports organization has signed up a partnership with International Concert Service (ICS), which will get it exposure during the Wacken Open Air music festival. The event will take place from August 2 through August 4 this year.

On Wednesday, August 1, ESL will bring its own Arena Wacken, which will sprawl on 1,800 square meters. Visitors will be able to access a number of competitive titles and daily amateur tournaments will take place in a number of games, including PUBG and LoL. Celebrities and pros will join the fray playing against each other.

ICS Festival Service GmbH CEO Holger Hübner had this to say:

“Like many games, heavy metal creates fantasy worlds. Sabaton’s collaboration with World of Tanks is just one example of how much the two categories have in common. Naturally, music remains at the heart of Wacken Open Air, but we have a very close relationship with our community, so we can react to developments. We’re always open to new ideas. Of course, it also makes us proud to be pioneering the world’s first esports theme experience at a music festival, so we are very glad to have ESL as a most capable partner that is setting the international standard in esports.”

Meanwhile, ESL CEO Ralf Reichert shared his take on the upcoming collaboration:

“The medium of computer games is more and more mainstream in all areas of life, as the music has been now for many years. An iconic, multi-day music festival like Wacken is a very interesting opportunity to test the esports phenomenon in a new setting and take it into a new environment.” is one of the sponsors of the event along with Razer, NicNacs, and Hummel. If you love a distorted riff and fancy eSports, you may want to nip down to the ESL Arena Wacken and check things out first hand in August.