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ESL acts as presenting partner of European Masters

ESL has officially announced it will act as a presenting partner of the League of Legends European Masters. In its capacity, ESL will manage and host the upcoming Spring Split, which will commence this month in the United Kingdom. The Haymarket Theatre will host the Grand Finals, after the building has undergone a substantial renovation bid as part of the city’s growing appeal to electronic sports.

As part of the first leg of the European Masters, participants will compete for a total of $150,000 in cash prizes. The European Masters is an initiative which intends to develop and nurture aspiring professional eSports gamers while also creating opportunities for them to receive invitations by established powerhouses or find sponsorship.

Participation in the tournament is not an overly complicated procedure, with teams claiming a spot through the European Regional Leagues. Meanwhile, ESL UK managing director James Dean has expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing partnership between Riot Games and the League of Legends European Masters.

Dean commented on the stellar record of accomplishment of the ESL Premier LoL league and added that the Spring Split would create ample opportunity for new talents to raise to salience. ‘Our aim is to offer an even better competition experience for fans, and even more opportunities for talented European players to raise their game in eSports,’ he concluded.