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EPICENTER announce the Megafon Winter Clash

EPICENTER, the biggest tournament series to be held in Russia in the last few years, is making a return with another event this December.

The news came from EPICENTER’s social media where they revealed information about the upcoming Megafon Winter Clash.

Just as the name suggests, the event’s main sponsor is Megafon, one of the major mobile service providers in Russia. Despite offering a total prize pool of $300 000 it doesn’t look like the Winter Clash will be part of Valve’s official Dota Pro Circuit. It will feature only six teams, five of which already received direct invitations. Those are:

  • pro
  • Team Liquid
  • Forward Gaming
  • Team Secret
  • LGD

The sixth and final team will be determined by Open Qualifiers which start today. Only a few hours remain before the registration deadline hits and there’s no telling which team will emerge victorious and take the last slot.

Just a quick glance at the participants hints that we can expect a very high level of competitive Dota 2. The only shaky team out of the five seems to be Forward Gaming, but that doesn’t mean they have no chance to pull through. FG also had to pull out of Dota Summit 10, in order to make the trip to Moscow and it’s obvious they value the competition in the latter much more. This will also be the first appearance of Team Liquid in an actual tournament, as we last saw them in The International 2018. Later, they qualified for DreamLeague Season 10, but eventually withdrew due to health issues. Whether this will be the sole EPICENTER event for the 2018-19 season remains to be seen, but it’s highly unlikely we won’t get a Major tournament in Russia as the scene in the region is quite developed.