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Epic delays Fortnite’s Driftboard

The Driftboard – Fortnite’s equivalent of the snowboard – was supposed to come with the 7.10 patch, but it appears it will be delayed further so developer Epic Games can make some extra quality-of-life improvements.

When the devs announced that the Driftboard is “coming soon”, most players expected it to ship with the December 18 patch, since previous announcements immediately preceded the release of the new content. However, a tweet last night showed that this will be an exception, as the new vehicle is back to the workbench for some more TLC before it gets unleashed upon the world.

Epic’s Reddit post explained that they wanted to make the new vehicle available ASAP, but have decided that it needs some more quality-of-life changes and “polish improvements” to meet player expectations.

They promised many other improvements in the 7.10 match, which indicates that the Driftboard will not be coming out with it. Indeed, the patch itself – which saw a small delay and was only released at 11 a.m. CET – did not feature the much-awaited vehicle.

Thumbnail images courtesy of Epic Games