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EHOME vanquish Keen Gaming in Bucharest Minor playoffs

The third day of the Bucharest Minor kicked off with the tournament’s playoffs.

The rest of the matches yesterday gave us both the rise and fall of BOOM as they initially won against Playmakers, but then ultimately lost to OG. The latter earned their spot at the Upper bracket and will face Gambit Esports, while the former will fight for survival in the event against TEAM TEAM.

Opening Day 3, we had the two Chinese teams going against one another. The drafting stage was somewhat even with EHOME picking a Medusa core and a Queen of Pain. Keen had the upper hand early on thanks to Dazzle, but the best they could do was bring it to a standstill. One particular fight near the Roshan pit decided the direction the game was heading into as Li “ASD” Zhiwen managed to both steal the Aegis of the Immortal and deal massive damage to the enemy team.

Game 2’s draft looked weird for the side of EHOME with Clinkz and Drow Ranger, but they managed to snatch the first blood as well as a couple more kills and secure an early lead. Their advantage was short-lived, though, as Keen started picking kills of their own. Exchanging kill for a kill in the early game, it wasn’t clear which team would come out on top, as both had solid pushing potential. Approaching the 18-minute mark, EHOME’s Tidehunter managed to land a three-man Ravage which resulted in an Aegis for the Drow Ranger. Loaded with experience, gold and an Aegis, EHOME were set as their core heroes became huge threats. Slowly but surely, their advantage grew close to 15,000 gold and 20,000 experience. Picking off the enemy Faceless Void and invading the base meant Keen were forced in an unfavorable defense. Thirty minutes in, they tapped out as the entirety of their team was wiped out one by one. EHOME wrapped up the series with a 2-0.

Next up are Gambit Esports and OG, so stay tuned for Dota 2 action.