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Echo Fox with victory vs. OpTic Gaming at LCS

Echo have had another 1-1 League of Legends Championship Series week, winning their Sunday game against OpTic Gaming.

After a few relatively calm opening minutes, OpTic gook the first blood with a solo kill by Niship “Dhokla” Doshi’s Urgot 7 minutes in. Fox replied two minutes later in the bottom lane, catching off Toàn “Asta” Trần’s Ezreal. Sadly, these would be the only two kills we would see for quite a while – despite some aggressive junglers like Kha’Zix for Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae or Rengar for Joshua “Rush” Hartnett, the teams opted for slower play. While the gold was practically tied even in the mid game, Fox had much better control of neutral objectives, boasting all four drakes at the 22-minute mark. The fights finally began as the game progressed, but it took 27 minutes in for more kills to occur.

Video credit: Riot Games

A catch by Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent’s Thresh set off a fight where Fox picked up two kills, one of which on Rengar, and they used that advantage to secure the first baron and open up the game. They were unable to take an inhibitor, however, as an OpTic push in the bottom lane 31 minutes in saw them beaten back and they barely prevented anyone from going down.

Fox were more successful two minutes later, though, using the Ornn ultimate as an engage tool and catching off Lee “Crown” Min-ho’s Zilean at the start of what would be a 2-1 fight in their favor. Once more, they turned to the baron, and a solo attempt by Dhokla to contest it only gave them an extra kill to go with the objective.

Video credit: Riot Games

Now with a big advantage, EF pushed for the enemy base, splitting off with four men mid and having Rush push the bottom lane. As the minions neared the base, OpTic decided to engage on the single champion in the bot lane, but Kha’Zix proved slippery. Instead, the Echo Fox team turned to fight them, killed three and easily ended the game.

It was a slow and methodical game, but Echo Fox remained the more active team on the map, and as the game progressed, they would also prove superior in teamfighting. They are now at 2-2, and appear to be a solid mid-tier team.

Thumbnail image credit: Riot Games