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Dota Plus - End of summer update

Dota Plus received another update yesterday, bringing the ranked roles matchmaking back to life.

Valve made an official blog post regarding the latest update to the premium service. As the Battle Pass for The International 2018 came to an end, the community expressed a desire to keep the ranked roles matchmaking as a permanent feature. In a way, their wish was granted, though putting it behind a monthly paywall is arguably a good thing. The new type of matchmaking has dramatically increased the quality of games for most people and for those already subscribed for Dota Plus it comes as a sweet bonus. The paywall might also serve at least partially as a shield against smurfs and boosters. In celebration of the event, a new quest for winning 5 games in Ranked roles has been added, rewarding players with 5000 shards. Playing 4 games this weekend will also net you in another 10,000 shards.

In addition to the ranked roles, chat wheel sounds also make a return as you can purchase them in the Dota Plus shop by spending some of the earned shards. The sounds don’t include those made by casters, which only makes sense as they’ll be kept exclusively for the next Battle Pass. Shard prices for the sounds vary from 3000 to 6000.

Tipping also makes a return, with the amount fixed at 50 points. As usual, players will have 3 tips per game, but it’s not clear if there’s a week limit of 10 like before. That’s yet another weapon which can be used to mentally attack opponents and it’s one even muting can’t stop.

Valve promised seasonal terrain depending on the time of the year and the autumn one was already added a few weeks back. Without a doubt, the main focus lies on the ranked roles, but besides that, you still get access to exclusive skins, legacy skins, tools, plus assistant, global trends and a free pass for every Battlecup throughout the month. Dota Plus becomes worth it more and more, but on the other hand, it keeps borrowing features from the Battle Pass, making it a yearlong experience.

Question is, what’ll make people buy the next compendium if most of it is already available? Unless Valve keeps adding more exclusive content to the Pass without overinflating its price, it may quickly become obsolete, driving tournament prize pools down.

As part of the update, TheFatRat music pack known as Warrior Songs was also added to the game. It’s now available on the market for $4.99.