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Dota Asia Championship 2018 recap

With the Dota Asia Championship 2018 behind us, we can do a quick recap of the more notable parts of the tournament. At the very start of the main event, Newbee and Team Secret were eliminated. In Round 1, Team Liquid managed to stop’s streak and send them to the lower bracket, but it wasn’t long after the former were sent there too by LGD Gaming. EG and OpTic Gaming were knocked out in the first round of the lower bracket, ending prematurely the North American dream. Vici Gaming got eliminated by VP, leaving LGD as the only hope for China. They surely didn’t disappoint as they beat the Russians and reached the finals, but ultimately lost to Mineski, which were one of the underdogs that nobody expected to come out on top.

The top picks throughout the tournament were none other than the expected ones, including heroes like Sand King, Disruptor, Gyrocopter, Tusk and Witch Doctor, with the most contested ones being Tiny and Terrorblade, who were picked or banned in 89 of 107 games. Surprisingly, one of the more recently dominant heroes, Medusa, was completely ignored. She wasn’t picked a single time during the whole event. The only reason for that, with the hero not getting any nerfs since patch 7.08, would be just the meta changing into the five-man death ball where Medusa is proving to be too slow to take advantage and fit into it. An interesting fact – Radiant had a 59.3% win rate, so when given the option to pick a side, the choice should be obvious.

The one versus one tournament could’ve been renamed to ‘Shadow Fiend mirror matches’ and nobody would notice the difference. Even when given the chance to pick another hero in the finals, the case was still the same. At least here China was able to defend their home title with Zhang ‘Paparazi灬’ Chengjun, who won the event for a second year in a row, officially labelling him as the best mid player in the world, again. Crowd favourites like Vladimir ‘No[o]ne’ Minenko, Syed Sumail ‘SumaiL’ Hassan and Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Al-Barkawi were all eliminated by Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng. MidOne came close to taking a match in the finals with a 1-0 lead, but Paparazi managed a comeback.

With Mineski and LGD Gaming taking the first two spots, along with the nice amount of prize money, they made quite the difference in the DPC Team Ranking by knocking EG and Natus Vincere out of the top 8. NA Dota is now non-existent in that graph and the memes will go rampant.